Tip: Bent over dumbbell laterals and standing lateral raises are an old bodybuilding standby. Building a rounded and wide set of deltoids is necessary to keep the body in balance. 

Training Day with Ray

It's easy for some trainers to allow some muscles like deltoids to lag behind the most obvious ones such as biceps and triceps. This is not so with Ray. He takes meticulous care in training deltoids. Ray feels the muscles working and concentrates on isolating them to achieve maximum growth. When doing bicep exercises, he uses the same intensity. With each repetition the biceps pop and you can literally watch them grow. 

Tip: Switch up your weekly training schedule to shoulders/biceps instead of the normal bicep/tricep routine. By alternating your training, you can distribute the workload evenly to those muscle groups. 

Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Prepare by positioning one dumbbell overhead with both hands under inner plate (heart shaped grip).  With elbows overhead,lower forearm behind upper arm by flexing elbows. Flex wrists at bottom to avoid hitting dumbbell on back of neck. Raise dumbbell overhead by extending elbows while hyper extending wrists. Return and repeat.

Position wrists closer together to keep elbows from pointing out too much. Let dumbbell pull arm back to maintain full shoulder flexion. Consider using a seat with back support. The back support, however, should not be so high that it interferes with dumbbell being completely lowered. If shoulder flexion flexibility is not adequate, position hips slightly forward so elbows are positioned upward. Position body more upright if shoulder flexion flexibility is adequate.

This exercise targets the brachial while using anterior deltoids, major pectorals, clavicular pectorals and wrist flexors as stabilizers.

Ray holds the barbell shoulder width with an underhand grip. He keeps the elbows close to his side and raises the barbell until the forearms are vertical. Then he lowers the arms until fully extended and repeats the process. In this exercise, the anterior deltoids act as a stabilizer when the biceps are isolated. 

Ray's knowledge of his body and how his muscles respond to various training has helped him develop an amazing physique. His proportion, symmetry and muscularity exemplify what bodybuilding is all about.

Tip: Increasing your protein intake can help build muscle faster. Keep in mind that adding extra protein to your diet will increase the total calories you consume, but you will happily be experiencing a continual loss of body fat.  

Rower Back Workout
Cardio blast
Bicep blast

*Avoid injury.  When trying any exercise, never start out using a weight you have not built up enough strength to execute with  proper form.

Barbell Curls

Raymond Day clearly remained focused on his training. He is an avid athlete, runner and former bodybuilder. Before Ray competed in his last show, I stopped by the gym in Windsor Mill, Maryland where he trains. I wanted to see the former Master Champion in action. 

Ray starts each session with a cardio blast to warm up his muscles and get his heart pumping. As a personal trainer himself, he knows how to pace his workout to reach his maximum fat burning zone and rev up the metabolism.

​After twenty minutes on the elliptical. Ray moves on to his upper body workout.

       Barbell Curls.

Ray uses the rower for back and Latissimus muscles​.

Ray starts with a Cardio Blast on the Elliptical

Bicep Blast

Workout using Hyperwear for Glorius Glutes

The muscles that we know as the glutes are actually a group of three muscles; the Gluteus Maximus, Minimus and Medius. The Medius is probably the most important part of this muscle group.

The Medius sits above the Maximus and attaches to the hip joint. In fact, it is the main muscle responsible for stabilizing your hips both internally and externally. It also provides support to the pelvis and knees which helps to prevent lower back and knee injuries.

Just performing simple exercises to strengthen the Gluteous Medius can improve everything from posture and stride to reduce knee and back pain. If you are experiencing either of these, you may be   suffering from an out of shape Medius.

Barbell curls
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