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Debra Baker is available for ​Fitness Coaching -                         private sessions  only.

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                Nutrition For Seniors

Some people have the wrong impression of diets appropriate for senior citizens. Unless your physician has advised specific dietary restrictions due to a medical condition, you can benefit from a wide range of nutritious foods. Proper nutrition is one of the most important keys to good health.

There is nutrition in each food group that you need in your daily diet. Dairy products, protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Each food group contributes something essential to your health.

When planning your diet, do not forget water. Water keeps you refreshed , hydrated and helps your digestive system stay a healthy. Unless your physician has a different recommendation, eat three meals every day.  

        Certified Fitness Trainer

   Specialist in Fitness Nutrition        CFT, SFN,   ISSA Certification Specializing in Physical Activity                   for Older Adults  

Lower Cholesterol

I have used 09Body Training to help many overweight clients achieve success. I actively work with health care professionals. Some have  referred clients that need help with diet and exercise in order to lower their cholesterol. So, if you want a program that's proven to work and designed for you to achieve maximum results, I can help. Contact me by email at  

Get more fit tips to help along the way on my blog. 'Journey to Fitness' by 09body  

   Seniors Can Live Healthy, Active Lives

Growing older does not mean the end of a healthy, active life. Your golden years can be filled with many wonderful experiences, happiness, and good health. An easy way to start is to assess your lifestyle habits and decide on changes that should be made. You can thoroughly enjoy this stage of your life.  

If you are not sure where to start, or if you need some assistance, you can contact a home health agency or a community center that offers senior services. There are many people willing to offer help and advice. You can enjoy good health and good times during this exciting phase of your life.     

Debra Baker Fit

Designing and implementing exercise programs for older adults requires a unique approach, one that addresses individuals' needs and abilities. Although many people remain relatively healthy and fit throughout, others experience a decline in health, fitness and functioning.

My approach adds focus on functional training and utilization of several principles to help develop safe and effective exercise programs for older adults.

I start by gathering information from my clients to combine with my initial screening and assessments. This information is used as a guide for planning an effective program that meets their needs and goals.

Different types of activity can affect various dimensions of physical functioning. In addition to applying exercise principles, I also utilize national guidelines and recommendations that address the specific needs of older adults. Each program will include appropriate aerobic endurance, strength training, flexibility, balance and mobility exercises. 

Participating in a well-rounded physical fitness program may help older adults maintain their independence well into their later years.

"​Fitness is my lifestyle. I  have been in the fitness arena for over twenty years and have had my

share of up and down weight loss and gain. I know I haven't been alone in my quest to maintain a

healthy weight. Nearly two thirds of US adults are overweight. Market research survey show the

number of people who said, "I would like to lose 20 pounds" jumped from 54 percent in 1965 to 61 percent in 2005. That's the year I started my fitness business. I wanted to help others who were struggling to keep the weight off." 

We Tried

Most of us can look back and realize how we gained the excess weight, but the problem is we haven't figured out how to lose it. We tried the diets, we bought the DVD's and we purchased the exercise equipment from the infomercials. We even joined the local gym. Still we can't seem to make those pounds come off and stay off. Maybe it's time to admit, we just need help.

See Results and Stay Motivated

People want to see results! To achieve those results, they need motivation, sincerity and attention. That's why I created 09Body Training. 09Body training is a personalized total fitness program that enables a client to stay motivated to continue a fitness lifestyle. With 09Body you lose body fat while strengthening core muscles. You will learn how to prepare healthy meals and how to properly exercise and use equipment. Best of all, you will have a caring professional to coach you along the way. I will be with you to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you prefer to train at home, in a gym, or at your development fitness center, I'm flexible to meet your need. Don't delay, start living fit and healthy.

My mission is to help older adults live healthy, happy and active lifestyles.

           About Debra Baker's Certified Personal Training

 How does your service stand out?

People  see results! This motivates them to keep going and maintaining their fitness.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

When I can help a client reach their goal and I see how pleased they are with their success, it is very rewarding.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a personal trainer?

I would tell them, if you need help getting fit and eating healthy, hire a professional. Hire someone that is currently certified from an organization, such as, the International Sport Science Association (ISSA). ISSA Certified Specialists, Coaches and Trainers keep abreast of new developments in health and fitness. We must earn our certification renewal every two years. I am fully qualified to create a personalized exercise and nutritional program that is right for each individual. You cannot use a cookie cutter model and think it will fit everyone. Our bodies, our metabolism, our age and strength are all different. In addition, make sure your trainer is a good listener.

What is included in your personalized fitness program?

Every client who hires me as their personal trainer will receive the following:  a free fitness phone consultation, nutritional meal planning assistance, they learn proper breathing and stretching technique, they learn to safely use weights and fitness equipment, each receives one on one fitness coaching and will participate in various fitness activities to prevent boredom. In addition, my clients start to look their best and feel good about themselves.

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Debra Baker
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              Professional Standards of Personal Training

ISSA expects ​members to conduct themselves according to the following professional standards in order to provide the highest quality of service possible to their clients and community.

Serve clients with integrity, competence, objectivity, and impartiality, always putting the clients needs, interests, and requests ahead of their own and striving for client satisfaction.

Return calls promptly, Be on time for every training session, Pay attention to the client during training sessions.

Put in the extra effort to ensure that the client stays on the path to health and wellness.

Recognize the value of continuing education by upgrading and improving knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis, as well as keeping abreast of relevant changes in all aspects of exercise programming theory and techniques.

Adhere to safe and recognized standards of practice and advocate healthy lifestyles for their clients.

​Work towards the ultimate goal of helping clients become more self-sufficient over time, reducing the number of supervisede training sessions.

Always document training sessions, evaluations and training programs.

​Respect client confidentiality and never release client information and records of client cases without written release from the client.

Adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in all dealings with clients.

Follow the highest standards of business principles, integrity, and professionalism.